The small things that set a Daniel Gil de Avalle’s guitar apart.

Along with the craftsmanship that only a true master guitar maker can build into each instrument, the artists, teachers and collectors who invest in a classical guitar made by Daniele Gil de Avalle expect the sound to be right and every detail to be perfect. As with all bespoke instruments of this quality, like works of art, proof of their provenance is important to realising their true value in the future.

Consistency continues to be the watchword of Daniel’s work. For years he has methodically worked to closely monitor a narrow range of variations during the production process, even taking into account the natural variations that occur in the wood he uses. By precisely understanding these fine variations he is able to control the consistent quality of the end product. This level of control is just one of the measures that give his customers the confidence when ordering a custom made guitar that the instrument they will receive will play in line with the way the one they heard or played.

During production each guitar is given a certificate of quality and authenticity, it is tracked through his workshop and the regional government Junta de Andalucía and each guitar is numbered and catalogued.

Guitarra Elite  (3,500 euro), Guitarra Premium (5,000 euro)

Guitarra Sacromonte & Realejo (12,000 euro)

Guitarra Clásica Daniel Gil de Avallecropped-granada-guitar-making-course-20.jpgGuitarra-Sacromonte-Daniel-Gil-de-Avalle-195871342_3 (1)cropped-gil-de-avalle-realejo-non-tropical-wood-maple-guitar.jpg


classical guitar cedro top gil de avalle 7Guitarra-flamenca-daniel-gil-de-avalle-195870903_3daniel gil de avalle guitarsguitar-makers-3Gil de Avalle Classical and Flamenco Sacromonte Guitar4吉他 GIL DE AVALLE 8Classical Guitar Daniel Gil de Avalle 5Gil de Avalle Rosette Making Roseta de Guitarra (8)


Gil de Avalle Classical and Flamenco Sacromonte Guitar - copiaGil de Avalle Indian Rosewood Classical Guitar 2Guitarra Premium Clásica Tapa CedroGranada Guitar Making Course 28Gil de Avalle Classical and Flamenco Sacromonte Guitar2Granada Guitar Making CourseClassical Guitar Daniel Gil de Avalle 2Guitarra Clásica Concierto Daniel Gil de Avalle Classical Concert Guitar

Guitarras Daniel Gil de Avalle Classical Concert Guitar

elite classical guitar by daniel gil de avalleGuitarra Élite Clásica CedroGuitarra PremiumFlamenca Ríoguitar building daniel gil de avalleGranada Guitar Making Course 17Granada Guitar Making Course 73Granada Guitar Making Course 21guitar builder constructor de guitarrasGranada Guitar Making Course 16dsc_0296.jpgcropped-the-hands-of-the-guitarmaker1.jpggil-de-avalle-premium-flamenco-4.jpgGil de Avalle Brasilian Rosewood Concert Guitar30cropped-premios-nacionales-de-artesania-daniel-gil-de-avalle_03.jpgGil de Avalle Brasilian Rosewood Concert Guitar33



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