Fudación Manuel de Falla, La Caixa & Children at risk of social exclusion: Arts and Crafts

Thanks to Elena García de Paredes Falla director of the Falla Foundation and the Department of Culture and Heritage of the City Hall of Granada with Maria Leyva I had the honour to participate , 1 day per week during the month of july, in a social work activity with wonderful children. Spectacular to experience children’s illusion, innocence and desire to particpate in an artisan job like mine. Educative institutions should be more aware about children’s desire and capacity to build and create and carry out more activities in connection with art and handcraft.

The activity was carried out by National Prize of Children’s Theatre the cinema and puppetry company Los Carlos-El Cine que Llevamos Dentro: Carlos Carrilho and Carlos Montes (https://elcinequellevamosdentro.wordpress.com/) and Obra Social La Caixa.

My reward for just explaining how to build a guitar could not be better: a cloth-made guitar by the group and most important a lot of fun and inocent smiles.

Manuel de Falla Gil de AvalleManuel de Falla Gil de Avalle 3Manuel de Falla Gil de Avalle 2


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