XVII Granada Flamenco Encounters. XVII Encuentros Flamencos

The best young flamenco artists will gather in the city in December
The Moneta, Jose Enrique Morente and Juan Habichuela 'Nieto' act in the XVII 
edition of the 'Encuentros Flamencos'

The Moneta, grenadine dancer, performs on December 3 with the show, 'I was Stone'.
The best young flamenco roots, will meet in the city next December to fill palm,
cocommpasses and especially art. The Moneta, Jose Enrique Morente, David Carmona 
and Juan Habichuela 'Nieto' are some of the artists who are part of the programme 
of the XVII Flamencos Encounters to be held in Granada between 2 and 10 December.

The event was presented yesterday at City Hall by the Councillor of Culture and Heritage, Maria de Leyva, and the director of the event, Raul Comba. Recalling that, already in the Corpus 1922, Manuel de Falla and a number of Grenadian intellectuals created a contest "cantejondo2 that "was a national and international reference," Maria de Leyva highlighted the quality and variety of programming planned for this year, "with Juan Habichuela as starter motor" and with the heritage of the Habichuela family. In addition, something new in this seventeenth edition: alongside the usual venues, the Teatro Isabel la Catolica Theatre and Auditorio Manuel de Falla, the incorporation of the Granada flamenco club Peña La Platería which will host two late night events on 7 and 8 December.
The opening of the encounters, which will take place on December 2 at the Manuel 
de Falla Auditorium, will be borne by Juan Habichuela 'Nieto', who together 
with the new generation of artists of this family, will offer a concert entitled 
"En recuerdo de mi abuel" in memory of my grandfather.
On the 3, the Laboratorio Coreográfico de Flamenco Urbano (Flamenco Choreography 
Urban Laboratory) will present the show "Fui Piedra" (I was a stone) released at
the last Jerez Festival with La Moneta starring. On the other hand, David Carmona 
and Jose Enrique Morente will perform on Sunday 4 December and the next day, 
Alba Molina will give his personal view on the legacy of her parents with the 
show Cante a Lole y Manuel (singing to Manuel and Lole).
Two voices, two guitars, offers the art of Jaime Heredia 'El Parron' and Alonso
Nuñez 'Rancapino Chico' will perform on December 6. The female presence is 
represented by Gema Caballero, Marta 'La Niña', and Cristina Aguilera, who 
participate in the show "Mujeres Flamencas" Flamenco Women; and the singer 
Estrella Rodriguez and Claudia 'La Debla' dancer, with only ten years will be 
the protagonists of the  late nights events of 7 in La Platería.
The Guitarist Miguel Ochando will the climax of the festival, on December 10 at 
the Isabel la Catolica Theatre, with a concert dedicated to the great masters 
of the flamenco guitar. He will be accompanied by Alvaro Pérez 'El Martinete' 
guitar, the singer Antonio Fernández and percussionist Antonio Gómez.
Raúl Comba said at the presentation that" Granada is living now a Golden Age of 
flamenco, with a roster of singers and dancers with no comparison in other parts 
of Spain.


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