Guitar Making in Granada. Granada Insider


    Photographer Simon Hunt spent a morning capturing Daniel Gil De Avalle in action in his workshop in the Plaza del Realejo.

    Most people visiting Granada are aware that the city is steeped in the culture and history of Flamenco. But many would be surprised to learn of the global recognition Granada has for producing some of the finest handmade Guitars in the world.

    Granad Guitars

    It has been stated that Granada guitars are world famous for their quality sound and their longevity due to the fact that the air here is so dry. This allows the wood used for guitar making to be so well seasoned that the guitars retain their acoustic qualities so prized amongst those who appreciate a well made instrument.


    Of course, another reason for the quality of guitars here is the high standard of craftsmanship that the guitar makers possess.


    Gil Del Avalle has been constructing esteemed handmade Guitars for over 20 years in the Realejo, produced to order for professional musicians around the world. Some 80% of the guitars he produces are for clients outside of Spain, where his guitars are known for their excellence in countries such as Japan, Germany and France.

    Granada Guitar Maker



    There is waiting list of over a year to be lucky enough to order your own custom made arsenal treasure.




    Granada Guitar Maker

    Granada Guitar Maker


    The Finished Magazine Article in Granada Insider



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