Marko Erdevicki, classical guitar artist visits Granada

Marko Erdevički (Norway)

Classical Guitar Artist

Faculty at Bergen Kulturskole

It was an honour to have in my workshop Marko Erdivicki. He was nice and polite arranging a date in advance. He was enthusiastic about playing my historic guitars: Franciso Ortega 1872, Benito Campo 1840 on a reproduction of Aguado’s Tripodison.He enjoyed all of them but Francisco Ortega 1872 was his favourite. Actually, Antonio de Torres Jurado had restored a guitar of Francisco Ortega owned by Tarrega which later on belonged to Federico Cano. Marko’s taste for Torres is clear.

Marko also tried my last two classical guitars “Elite & Premium”, both adapted to the tendency of current guitarists looking for a higher volume and power, very much the Spanish style.

But, as a lover of historic guitars and Torres sonority the one he loved most was my classical Realejo guitar model made of an unique piece of quilted mapple wood with harmonic ports. I designed and constructed this guitar after the particular specifications by a guitar concertist. Its sound is warm, sweet and colourful.


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