Guitar in the Garden of Falla: 8 nights to love the Guitar

guitarra en los jardines de falla 2

Granada is the capital of the guitar, no doubt whatsoever. Both,  best guitarists -classical and flamenco ones- as well as guitar-makers constructing this unique instrument in their workshops can be found in Granada, so that, the heritage of playing and making guitars is the inspiration of this new edition of “Guitar in the Garden of Falla”, a guitar festival with the best guitarists during the summer.

This festival is celebrated in the garden of the Auditorio Manuel de Falla. The first performance is taking place on  16 de July by  Zoran Dukic from Croatia, folled by Ricado Gallen, from Jaen, one week later, on 23 July, Rafael Aguirre Miñarro, from Malaga, on 30 July.

On 6 August,  Ernesto Mayhuire and Claudio Constantini on 6 Augus. One week later, on  13 August, Javier Conde will play his flamenco guitar, followed by the classical guitarists French Lazhar Cheruana, from France, and the Cuban Joaquín Clerch, on 20 and 27 August respectively.

Finally, the Sevillian guitarist Esther Guzmán, will close the Guitar Festival on 3 de September.

All concerts will take place at 22:00 in the Garden of the Auditorio. Tickets are available, and the price is 12 euro including a visit to the House-Museum of Falla and a drink.

Granada Guitar Makers Heritage

The tradition of guitar-making in Granada is an important legacy. Thus, a route through the most relevant master guitar-makers in the city has been organised. There is a route starting in the Alhambra down to the workshop of Antonio Marin at Cueta del Caidero, Manuel  Lopez Bellido and son at Paseo de las Palmas, Antonio Raya, at Paseo del Salón and Paco Santiago Marin and son, at Pasaje de Recogidas. Then, back to the Alhambra through Plaza del Realejo and the workshop of Daniel Gil de Avalle.

Another route from the Alhambra down to  El  Realejo with the workshop of Daniel Gil de Avalle, the workshop of Rafael Moreno, at calle Jesús y María, Juan Manuel García Fernández, at San Rafael, Eduardo Duran Ferrer, at Cristo de la Yedra, and  José Miguel Carmona, at calle Damasqueros.

Then, on the way back to the Alhambra the workshop of Francisco Manuel Díaz and José López Bellido, both at Cuesta de Gomérez.

Auditorio Manuel de Falla


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