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This is not a traditional and systematic course on guitar making. This is a one-month unique experience for people not looking to become guitar makers but for those lovers of the Spanish guitar  who  wish to build their own guitar together with Daniel Gil de Avalle and enjoy Granada, both, the city and the region.

We were pleased to have with us Günther and Elisabeth. The course was a nice birhday present by Elysabeth to Günther. Günther was very much introduced in the world of woodworking, so, it just took 15 days for him to make his classical guitar with a little help and finishing. He worked hard every morning and enjoyed Granada in the afternoons and during the weekends.

After been varnished the guitar is just sent and hopefully it will get to him by Christmas or New Year’s Eve.

Thank you Elisabeth and Günther, because having you in our workshop was a nice and unique experience for us.

This course on guitar making, Granada style, was created in 2013 and has been presented for the awards of the Spanish  international tourism fair FITUR where Daniel will be representing Andalucia’s artisans 31 January-1 February 2015.

Here are some picks of this guitar-world experience:


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